Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weekend in Gatlinburg

Last weekend Josh, Lucy and I took a trip to Gatlinburg. Josh wanted to spend some time as a family with just the three of us. We thought it would be fun to take Lucy to the aquarium and then go to the outlet malls.
The weather was beautiful on Friday night so we decided just to walk the streets of downtown Gatlinburg and enjoy being outside.

I think this might have been our first experience eating out with a very active 5 month old. I'm quickly learning how to feed myself while bouncing a baby on my lap :) She was really good considering it was her bedtime. I think this picture gives you an idea of how tired she was. Notice the blank

Saturday at the aquarium...

...squeezing in for a family pic

Lucy really enjoyed looking at the fish. Check out her expression in the picture below!

I love this pic! Can you see me and Lucy in the bottom right hand corner?
Lucy and Mommy underneath the shark tank :)

Checking out the horseshoe crab display...
Lucy was intently watching these fish swim back and forth :)

After visiting the aquarium we checked out some of the shops downtown. Along the way we saw these pretty birds.
Lucy didn't seem very interested

Before we left to go to the outlet malls we ate a late lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. Once again Lucy was one squirmy baby.
She was reaching for everything that we were eating so Josh let her taste this lemon. What a nice daddy...haha
She didn't even make a face...she is SO funny
She even got her very own activity book and cute!

Monday, July 20, 2009

"Give Me Some More!"

Lucy has become VERY interested in food lately. She reaches for anything that we are eating or drinking. Like this corn cob for example.
She was really going to town on this :)

Here is her first attempt at rice cereal. I think she liked it. At least she kept opening her mouth for more.

I think she wanted to eat the bowl too :)

smiling and making lots of noise while eating

A little too much maybe???

This face is hilarious :)


This was a couple of days before I even offered her rice cereal. We went out to eat with Josh's dad and Lucy really wanted to try everybody's food so we let her taste a potato wedge. She ended up eating half of it! If you put a cup of water up to her mouth she just slobbers in it so we gave it to her through a straw. :)

Monday, July 13, 2009


Two of my good friends had babies around the same time that I had Lucy. Last week Shannon and I went over to Allyson's house to give the babies some time to play together. Libby is one month older and Gavin is one month younger than Lucy.
Lucy and Gavin having some fun on the floor

"...uh, i don't know what to think of this guy..."

all three kiddos

Our best attempt at a picture of all three on their stomachs. Lucy was being quite a grumpy girl and did not want to cooperate.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Baby Einstein

This week I sat Lucy in front of the TV for the first time and turned on Baby Einstein. She seemed to enjoy it for the first 5 or 10 minutes but as soon as I got the camera out she decided that she had had enough.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July Celebration

We spent Fourth of July weekend with my mom's family in Knoxville. On Saturday we all got together for dinner, fireworks, and swimming in the pool. Lucy was loving it. She was in the pool for over an hour and smiling the whole time. She had a blast! Check out her little legs kicking like crazy :)
The "non-swimmers" hanging out by the pool

Here's my cutie patootie in her Fourth of July outfit given to her by Aunt Lisa.

Mmmm...smoked chicken, hash brown casserole, squash casserole, broccoli salad, taco dip, homemade banana pudding, turtle pie, and coconut cake. It was delicious!
At the end of the night the guys treated us to a fireworks show. Josh and Mark handed out sparklers to all the kids. What a fun day!