Monday, January 31, 2011

A Trip to the Zoo

One Saturday back in January we had such nice weather that I decided to take Lucy to the zoo. Josh's Dad was in town for the weekend so he came with us :)
Looking at the Llamas
...and the elephants
The meerkats are one of Lucy's favorites animals to watch
My cutie pie :)
Riding on the truck with Pawpaw

The gibbons
Stopping for a snack
Playing around with my new camera :)

Josh's Dad offered to buy Lucy something from the gift shop and she picked out this red panda. She still sleeps with it and affectionately refers to it as "pandy" :)

What a beautiful day to spend at the zoo!


Ok so I'm going to cheat and publish this post from almost 6 weeks ago. Since I use this blog as a way to document happenings in our household I hate not to include it...even though it's so late. I just haven't been making it a priority to update the blog lately.

A "couple of weeks ago" we got a lot of snow! I think there was at least 6-8 inches in Maryville.

Josh stayed home from work so shortly after lunch we headed outside to play! :)
The roads were completely covered...
Stopping to pose for a picture with Daddy...
...and Mommy :)
Heading down the street to the Bennett's House
Lucy and Amelia
Amelia "helping" Lucy make a snow angel lol

The girls had fun sledding down one of the ice covered roads near our neighborhood :)
...and down a nearby hill
We all had so much fun playing in the snow and it was fun getting to hang out with our friends :)