Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer Fun!

I hope everyone is having a great Summer! We've been so busy that I haven't been taking a lot of pictures but I wanted to share a few I took of Lucy recently. They are just too cute not to post :) One evening after a family outing to the park we stopped at Sonic to get some ice cream. Josh ordered a pineapple milkshake and thought he would share some with Lucy but that quickly changed when he handed it to her in the backseat...she wouldn't give it back! She loved it!
When we got home we made her sit on the rug to minimize the mess
She loved taking the straw in and out
Having fun... :)
and thoroughly enjoying the treat!

one sticky baby :)
Mmm...yummy :)
A couple of weeks ago Scott and Ashley invited us to go out on the boat with them. Lucy didn't have a life jacket to wear so Josh bought one for her that afternoon. I've already tried several flotation devices in the pool this summer (none of which she has liked) so I didn't know what she would think about this one but, surprisingly, she loved it.
It did a really good job of holding her head above the water and she was able to just relax and float on her back.
Swimming around... :)
Time to get back in the boat
Kisses for Uncle Scottie :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

18 Months!

Time for an update on my little girlie :) At 18 months she can only say a few words but "talks" to herself all the time. Some of the words she can say are Momma, Dada, Papaw, Nana, cheese, juice, bubbles, bow, ball, bug, done, again and most recent, "corn" :) She is doing really well using her sign language when trying to communicate, especially the sign for "please". But she still has plenty of screaming fits too, lol. All four of her 1st year molars have come through in the last couple of months so she now has 10 teeth!
Also, her hair has gotten long enough for me to put it in pigtails. It's so cute but she won't keep it in for long. She also pulls her bows out these days :(
funny face... haha
She's obsessed with shoes! If she finds a pair laying around the house she will bring them to you and tries to get you to put them on. She also loves to put them on her feet. We went thrift store shopping recently and I found a pair of snow boots for her to wear this winter. She didn't want to take them off!
Wearing them around the house :)
She loves playing outside on her new slide...
...and in the pool :)
She also LOVES going on walks in her stroller but we haven't been doing much of that lately because it's been too hot! Anytime she sees her stroller she points to it and wants to get in.
She's fascinated with bugs. Whenever we see one she points to it and says "budg".
One day we were outside playing in the pool and I showed her this beetle. First she tried to touch it and then she tried to squish it with a Eww...I guess she didn't inherit her Mommy's aversion to bugs.
Waving bye bye to the
We are still really enjoying playdates with the MOMs group although we haven't been doing as much stuff with them lately because our schedule has gotten a lot busier this summer.
Last Friday we went to a Recipe Swap Potluck Breakfast. Everybody brought something to share and then we let the kids play afterwards.
There were lots of new toys to play with...Lucy loved it!

She pretty much insists on feeding herself EVERYTHING these days and it is REALLY messy. It always amazes me how little food she manages to get in her mouth. I think it would help if she would learn to use her fork and spoon properly lol
Most of it ends up on her or on the floor...

And she absolutely LOVES to dance! Especially to the Black Eyed Peas...haha. Everytime we turn this song on she goes crazy!

We are really enjoying our little girl at this age but she definitely keeps us on our toes! lol