Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Playdates

A couple of weeks ago Lucy and I had a playdate with the M.O.Ms Group where the kids made Mosaic Jack O Lanterns.
Lucy had fun playing with the pieces of paper :)

I think it was her first time trying to use glue...
Of course I had to help her a little :)
Showing Mommy the finished product...
We also painted some pumpkins with Josh's Mom that same week.
Getting the supplies ready :)
Working on her pumpkin
I'm pretty sure she used every color lol

Lucy's pumpkin
Grammy's pumpkin :)
I'm still working on finishing mine...I guess I was too busy taking pictures haha

Fall Fun!

I love this time of the year and it always seems to FLY by... I can't believe it's almost the end of October! A couple of weeks ago we went to the Foothills Fall Festival and Lucy loved it! I think her favorite thing was this horsey ride that goes around in a little circle, lol. There was a whole play area for the little kids but she kept coming back to this and wanting to ride it again :)
As Lucy would say..."Weeeeee!"
Having a blast! :)
She LOVED the ball pit. Josh actually had to go in and get her out!...still working on that obedience thing lol
Posing for Mommy :)
She also got to try her first funnel cake :) While we were waiting in line she caught a glimpse of one and she got so excited. This little girl loves sweets :)

The next weekend our church had a Fall Festival.
Josh went down the big slide with her but she was still scared...which is so funny because they have the same thing at Tumble Bears and she loves it!

My little cutie pie :)
Waiting in line for the bounce house
This definitely ranked up there with the horsey ride lol
...she LOVES jumping!
Getting her face painted :)
So serious... haha.
Of course I did tell her to hold still :)
Lucy and Libby
After taking the picture above Libby grabbed Lucy's hand and took off. It was so cute. I don't know where they were going but Libby was leading the way... haha
Another horsey ride...Lucy was in heaven lol
There was a huge turnout. I think there were about 800 people there.
Enjoying Ken Green's Barbecue

What a fun night! :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Camping Trip

Back in September we went camping in Townsend with my family. It was right after we got back from the beach so it was a lot to squeeze into one week but I'm so glad we went. It was our first time camping this year and Lucy had a great time!
Heading back from the pool on the first day
Chilling at the campsite :)
Smiling cousins :)
Playing in the river

We didn't see any crabs at the beach so when Josh caught a crawdad he was excited to show it to Lucy :)

Checking out the pincers...

Lucy kept wandering down to the river...
She loved playing with the rocks :)
Noah and the frog he caught :)
Breakfast the next morning...
Yummy bacon and eggs...thanks Nana :)

We love camping :)