Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More fun at the park

Last Wednesday Lucy and I went to Baby Bookworms with our friends Allyson and Gavin and Shannon and Libby. Baby Bookworms is a story time for kids age 2 and under at the Farragut library. They sing songs and nursery rhymes and read books to the kids. Lucy loved it! Afterwards we took the kids to Anchor park for a picnic.
Lucy had fun playing with the mulch...
...and her friends of course :)
Big girl!
Going down the slide by herself...(sorry for the sideways video...I keep forgetting not to turn the camera)

Having lunch in the park
Lucy was too distracted to eat and was ready to get back to playing. She held her hand out and just sat there waiting for me to grab it. haha

After lunch we took the kids over to the sandbox
It was the first time Lucy had played in the sand...she was very curious :)

Thanks for bringing the sand toys Allyson :)

All three kiddos
Hard to get a good picture with all the kids looking in the same direction
I think Gavin was ready to go
Lucy had a great time!

Now that the weather has warmed up we have been to the park several times in the last couple of weeks. It has been great! So glad to be able to get out and enjoy the sunshine!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Mommy's Helper

Lucy loves pulling clothes out of the washer and dryer.The other day I was trying to teach her how to transfer them FROM the washer TO the dryer :)

I think she was more interested in examining each article of clothing ...haha. I love her laugh at the end of this one.

One day she is going to be a great helper!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fun at the Park

A week ago on Saturday Josh and I took Lucy to Springbrook park. It was a really nice day and I was dying to get out of the house. It was Lucy's first time playing on a playground and she loved it!
Lucy taking Daddy where she wants to go... :)
"This way Daddy..."

trying out the seesaw...

walking across the bridge
going down the slide with Mommy
cutie patootie :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Daddy's girl?

Ever since Lucy was born most people have said that she looks like Josh. I thought it would be fun to post some of mine and Josh's baby pics to see what everybody thought.

When I saw these pictures of Josh I thought they looked a lot like Lucy. Something about the eyes and smile...

These next photos are pictures of me when I was around a year old. My smile looks a lot different than Lucy's because I have eight teeth! Lucy still just has two :)

I think this one kind of looks like Lucy (except for the blonde hair)

Hmm... I don't know what I think. At first I thought she definitely looked more like Josh but the more I look at my baby pictures I think she has some of my features too.


I finally got some video footage of Lucy walking. She still crawls a lot and actually prefers to hold on to mine or Josh's finger when she is toddling around but she is doing more and more walking all by herself. It's hard to believe that it has been over two months since she took her first steps.

I love how she lays her head down on the chair like she is pooped out :)

She loves her snack cup and loves to walk around the house with it. She also loves to toddle around the house with anything in her hand... a blankie, a washcloth, a book, a diaper... As I am writing this post she is busy exploring the house holding on to a ziplock bag with puzzle pieces in it...haha, what a silly girl :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fun Times

I'm always amazed how unpredictable life can be when you have small children. Things hardly ever go as planned. The other night Lucy went down around 8 o'clock and then woke up 30 minutes later screaming at the top of her lungs. When I went in her room to check on her she was standing up in the crib, had a death grip on her blanket and was holding onto the crib railing facing the wall. She has never slept with a nightlight and it's pretty dark in her room so I guess she lost her sense of direction. It was pretty funny :) I picked her up to calm her down and she let out a big burp. She went back to sleep but 20 minutes later she woke up again, this time with a big poopy diaper. By that time she was wide awake. Josh and I were just getting ready to eat dinner and Lucy decided she wanted to have a late night snack. After that she crawled over to where her toys were at and got on top of this pull toy that used to be Josh's when he was a little boy. Pawpaw had put her on it before and pulled her around so I guess she remembered it and wanted another ride :)I pulled her really slowly at first because I didn't want her to fall off. Then Daddy gave it a try going a little faster and of course Lucy loved it!

It was so fun watching Lucy have the time of her life (even though she was supposed to be in the bed). It made me realize that even though our days (and evenings) hardly ever go as planned, that is what makes it so much fun. I can't imagine life without our little girl. There is so much joy and laughter that I don't want to take for granted. So I am writing this post today with a heart overflowing with gratitude for those "unpredictable" moments :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Trip to the Emergency Room

For those of you that don't know a week ago this past Sunday Lucy had a seizure and was taken by ambulance to Children's Hospital. We had just gotten back from our ski trip and she had been running a temp for several hours. We noticed that she felt a little warm around four o'clock that afternoon but she was resting well so we didn't think much about it. When we got home (around eight o'clock) we laid her in her crib so that she could continue to rest. I went to check on her about 9:15 and she was burning up so I brought her into the living room to take her temperature and it was 104 and then 105 a few minutes later. I got on the phone with Josh's Mom and she told me to try and cool her down by giving her a bath in luke warm water. While I was running the water Lucy started to have a seizure. I immediately got on the phone with 911 and within 3-4 minutes the paramedics arrived. By that time I think the worst of the seizure was over but Lucy still wasn't acting like herself. The paramedics reassured us that her color looked good, she was breathing well and that seizures due to high temperatures are actually quite common but they suggested that we go ahead and take her to the hospital to have her checked out. She was still acting a little strange so we decided to have EMS take her by ambulance to Children's Hospital. Once we got there the doctor confirmed that it had most likely been a febrile seizure (caused by a virus and a high fever that spikes quickly) After doing several tests to make sure that there was nothing else going on they sent us home and said that it would take a couple of days for the virus to run its course.

Souvenir from the ambulance ride...
Her hospital bracelet from the emergency room...
We are so thankful that it was nothing serious and Lucy is doing fine! Looking back I wish I had known more about febrile seizures before it happened. It still would have been a scary experience but we might have been able to avoid a trip to the emergency room. If you are a Mom with small children I recommend that you read up on febrile seizures so that you can be prepared if it ever happens to your kids. I found a really good article on the subject. Go to