Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snowshoe Ski Trip

Last week we went on a ski trip to Snowshoe, West Virginia with Josh's family. It was so much fun! It was windy and foggy the first couple of days but the last day we had beautiful weather. I've never seen so much snow in my life!
Riding the ski lift back up the mountain.
The trees were completely covered in snow
The contrast of the blue sky and white trees was so beautiful!
Whew! Skiing is hard work. Had to take a break...
view from the top

waiting in a REALLY long lift line
I think we waited about 40 minutes to get through the line

frozen lake
playing in the snow
I just couldn't resist diving into the powdery snow...there was so much of it!
leaving my mark :)
"ahh..." lying in the snow felt so good
This was the view from our window.
The first two days we were there we couldn't even see past the balcony it was so foggy...
Uncle Scott and Aunt Ashley feeding Lucy an array of lunch food
Hanging out with my favorite kiddo. Josh's mom and I took turns watching Lucy while the other skied. Josh's dad helped out too :)
A view of the village
We finally got Lucy out in the snow the last day we were there.
Josh wanted to take her up on the hill and show her the ski lift.
This is how much snow was piled up in the was like this everywhere!

Our snow covered balcony

We didn't want to keep Lucy outside for too long but she really wanted to see the snow
getting a taste

...going back inside
Josh brought some snow inside for Lucy to play with... (and eat) lol
We went out to eat at one of the restaurants in the village on the last night.
waiting to get a table

getting some sugar...

"Don't make me hold still!" lol
Lucy and Pawpaw

On the way back home we stopped in Craigsville, WV to visit with Josh's Aunt and Uncle.
Uncle Greg and Aunt Ina with Lucy
Lucy and Grammy ( again...Lucy was really curious about the snow and kept wanting to go outside :)
Playing in the snow at Uncle Greg and Aunt Ina's house

She looks so chubby in this jacket
Getting ready to go down the hill
Getting pulled back up
This was the same sled that Josh's mom played with when she was a kid

Making a path through the woods for sledding

Going down the hill in the snow tube

Don't worry... this video makes the hill look worse than it really was. It wasn't that steep just really long

What a fun vacation! I can't wait to go skiing again :)