Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trip to Alabama

This past weekend we went down to Fairhope, Alabama for my cousin's wedding. I was a little apprehensive of the nine hour drive with Lucy but she did great! We borrowed a portable DVD player from our friends and she loved it :)
Hooray for Baby Einstein!
Pointing and Laughing :)
Thoroughly entertained
The first night we were there we all got together at my Nana's house. Here's a picture with her and all the great grand kids.
Nana and all the grand kids :) minus Anna
Nana with all the grand kids spouses
Chilling in the hotel room playing some Nintendo DS
Before the wedding on Saturday we drove over to Mobile Alabama to tour the U.S.S Alabama battleship

I think this was the torpedo room. All I know is it was really tight!
My brother Jason looking through the torpedo chute

Reading the instructions for the self-guided tour

First we took a tour of the upper decks...

Look at those Cannons!

Then we went down below to tour the lower deck. Here's Lucy trying out the bunk beds.
Jason and Josh on the bunks

A list of all the crew
Found some Andrews on the list...wonder if we're related? :)

Going through the gift shop
After touring the battleship we looked around the Aircraft Pavilion
Lucy was pooped out!
We didn't go on the submarine because we couldn't get Lucy's stroller up the stairs and she was fast asleep
Me and my cousin Andrea at the wedding Saturday night
Siblings: My Mom, My Uncle (Father of the Bride) and My Aunt
Me and my Nana
Family pic
The bride and the groom dancing the night away

Lucy and Great Nana
We ended up staying a day longer than we had planned and I was so glad because we got to take Lucy down to the bay.
She loved it and I got some really cute pics!

Love this one :)
She was fascinated by the waves but she wanted Josh right there with her

Playing in the sand

Josh dug a big hole for Lucy to play in

Chasing after the seagulls

On the last evening we all took a walk down the pier.
It was really windy :)
The view
When we were packing up to leave the next day Lucy sat and watched some Sesame Street.