Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A little gardening...a little teething

The kids and I had a lot of fun hanging outside the other day. It was a beautiful day and we spread out a blanket and played for a little while and then Lucy and I planted some flowers. Poor Owen is cutting all four teeth on top so I gave him this"popsicle" with a frozen banana in it to numb his gums. He loved it!

My sweet helper.

When I was putting the gardening tools away i saw this creepy bug on our shed door. I had to take a picture because I've never seen anything like it before...it was weird looking lol
By the way don't let the above pictures fool you. This is how Owen is feeling most of the time these days. (notice his top teeth breaking through the gums?) He's been so pitiful...poor baby :(


  1. So surely you knew I would come to the rescue and tell you what bug that is, right!? :) It's a House Centipede and they are, in my opinion, the GROSSEST bugs in the whole wide world. Guess what they eat?? ROACHES!! So if you have them, you won't have roaches! Blah.

    Fun mom you are, by the way. So cute of Lucy helping you plant! :)

  2. Allyson I thought you might say something about that bug. EWW... It was pretty gross. I hope I don't come across any more.

    Lucy had so much fun learning about the planting process. Took twice as long but she really loved it! :)